The unique rotating LED lamp for your jewelry store

Sparkler for your jewelry displays

For showcase,front display
Only plug power cord

-12,000 lumens
-Brushed stainless steel 
-Adjustable speed, colour (5000k-7000k)
-13 by 3 inches
-Customized lenses for showcase 40,60,85 degrees
-Suspended or recessed in the ceiling
-The only lamp to use copper for LED dissipation
-Covers 3 feet in diameter of light/3 feet of height (85 degree lens)
-Universal voltage

gold-colored jewelries

The rotating Mini Jewelight

For track lighting or recessed ceiling
Only replace regular bulb
with the Mini Jewelight

-3000 lumens 
-Variable speed 7000k
-7 inch diameter
-Universal voltage


NYC Diamond District front display

NYC Diamond District front display

Mini Jewelight track lighting

With and without The Jewelight

NYC Diamond District front display

Mini           Jewelight