The Jewelight

The unique rotating LED lamp for your jewelry store

Sparkler for your jewelry displays

The Jewelight

For showcase,front display

-10,000 lumens
-Brushed stainless steel frame
-Adjustable speed, colour (4500k-6500k)
-13 by 3 inches
-Universal voltage
-Only plug power cord
-Customized lenses 40,60,85 degrees
-Use of LED 90 & 80 of colour rendering index for true colours of Ruby and Emerald (not washed out)
-The only lamp to use gold plated copper for LED dissipation
-Quality Mean Well power supply in lamp, good for 60,000 hours
-Covers 3 feet in diameter of light/3 feet of height (85 degree lens)

gold-colored jewelries

 The Mini Jewelight

For track lighting or recessed ceiling

-Only replace regular bulb with the Mini Jewelight
-Variable speed 7000k
-2800 lumens
-7 inch diameter
-Cri of 90 for best colour
-Universal voltage


The Jewelight

The Mini Jewelight


NYC Diamond District front display

NYC Diamond District

Mini Jewelight track lighting

With and without The Jewelight

NYC Diamond District front display

Mini Jewelight 

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